Wat Lao Riverside was established in 2001. We have over 500 members throughout the Southern California region. Once comprised of three sparate residences, our founding fathers purchased the homes and converted them into the temple it is today. With their hard work and dedication, the temple is now regarded as a non-profit organization and recognized by the city of Riverside as a religious establishment. On-going efforts are being made to improve the overall experience of our temple members.

Our mission is to promote the Buddhist religion through peace and loving interaction with people of all races, ethnic, and socio-economic background. We encourage the Laotian community to unite and use the temple facility as a community center.

We are working diligently to integrate religion and social events to build a foundation for community networking, while trying to preserve our culture and tradition for future generations. We encourage all to join and make our temple a place we can call our second home.